Three Simple Juice Recipes For Beginners

Once you get into the juicing world, you will quickly learn there are several varieties of juices you can make, and part of the fun is experimenting with new flavors and produce you’ve never tried before. But if you’re just getting started, I recommend trying out some simple recipes that are quick to make and can easily be adjusted to fit your personal taste preference. 

Carrot-based juices are one of the best places to start. Not only are carrots incredibly good for you, their natural sweetness make the flavor of any juice very palatable.

Below are 3 Easy Carrot Juice Variations. Until you know exactly how you like your juice to taste, it may be a good idea to buy a couple of extra apples and/or lemons so you can adjust the recipe if you need to. Some people prefer their juices more sweet, other prefer them more tart (That would be me; I can add lemon to just about any juice and it becomes one of my favorites.)

Process the ingredients through your juicer according to the recipe(s) below. Give it a quick taste, and if you’d prefer it more sweet, juice another apple into the mix. If you’d like it more citrusy, add another lemon (or orange in the case of the second recipe). Just remember to handle your citrus process separately – if you choose to run lemons, oranges etc through your juicer, remove the rind first. Otherwise, use a citrus press or  by using either a citrus press or juice by hand and then stir it in. Aim for 16oz for one serving of juice. Enjoy!


1  2lb bag carrots

2 red apples

2 lemons

*I personally love this juice more tart than sweet. So as a variation, I’ll cut back to only one apple and add in another lemon.


1 lb carrots

3 large oranges

1 thumb-sized piece of ginger root

*Some people don’t care for the taste of ginger. If it’s too strong for you, either cut back on the amount you use or eliminate it.

Orange-Sweet Potato-Pineapple 

6 medium sized carrots

1 sweet potato (no need to peel)

1 apple (honeycrisp, gala or fuji)

5 thick slices pineapple

*This juice tastes somewhat like a creamsicle. I may or may not have sometimes been known to add an additional slice of pineapple.