Tropical Twist Juice

Instead of having to think about when to schedule a reboot, I’ve learned that an easy way to make it part of my lifestyle is to just reboot at the start of each season. Spring-Summer-Fall-Winter. Boom. Done. Plus, I get to enjoy the variety of flavors and produce each season brings. Here’s a great recipe I enjoy starting in the Spring and throughout the Summer. 

Tropical Twist

1/4 fresh pineapple

1/4 watermelon

3 large oranges, peeled (or processed in a citrus juicer)

2 cup frozen mango

2 whole containers fresh strawberries

Process all ingredients (with exception of the frozen mango) through a juicer. Then, transfer the juice over to a blender and blend in the frozen mango. (You can juice the mango if you like, I just find the yield is not that great. Plus, by using frozen mango, you’ll end up with a cool, summer slushy. Yum!) Depending on the yield, this recipe will make plenty to share or store for later; roughly about 4 – 16 oz servings. Enjoy!