A Land Flowing With Milk and Honey

Before the children of Israel entered the Promise Land – the land flowing with milk and honey – God gave them manna in the wilderness. Manna, that had the FLAVOR of honey – it had the FLAVOR of what they would find FLOWING in the Promise land. But it wasn’t the promise land itself. It pointed to it – it carried a resemblance of it – the taste of it – but it was a constant reminder of what was yet to come. They had it in measure. But while on the journey, they didn’t experience it to the point of flowing….yet.

So often, we get caught up on the promises themselves. We focus only on the “milk” and the “honey”. But if that’s our only focus, we’ll think the promise has come when we get a tiny taste of it. We’ll settle for good enough instead of waiting for the “above and beyond what we could ever ask or imagine”.

The key to knowing if we’ve stepped into the promise is not just having a taste. It’s recognizing if the promise has saturated our lives, soaking us to the point of FLOWING. When the windows of heaven open with a blessing, it’s to the point we can’t contain it. Not like in the wilderness where they had a daily container.

Be careful to not let the “taste” of your promise keep you from pushing through or waiting on God to get to the place of flowing.

Taste and see – that the Lord is good. Taste – but then lift up your eyes to see if it’s flowing yet. If not – keep pushing through. You’ll get there. We’ll get there. But in the meantime, along the journey, let’s not settle for just a taste when we are destined to have it in abundance…flowing….not in small measures.