The Color Red in Dreams

Colors in dreams are VERY significant. And they can have a very positive or negative meaning, depending on the overall context of the dream. The color red is one of the most common colors to dream in. Let’s talk about what it means.

In a positive context, the color red is the color of anointing, wisdom and/or power. Red is a great color to dream in because it allows us to see areas where God has anointed us and/or given us the wisdom and power we need to walk in what we are called to do.

As an example, here’s a great dream I recently interpreted in which the color red was used to encourage the dreamer. Pay attention to the words I’ve highlighted in bold:

Dream Interpretation:

I dreamt I was in a closet, sitting on the floor, choosing what to wear. I pulled out my favorite red shirt and put it on. I knew I had already worn it before and hadn’t washed it, but it still looked fresh and pressed and ready to wear. I was very happy at the thought of putting this red shirt back on.

This is a great dream and there’s a couple of things I’d like to pull out. First of all, a red shirt represents something the dreamer is anointed to walk in. Our clothing is something people see when they first come in contact with us. It is what we are typically identified by. Think about it, if we were in a room full of people, and wanted to point someone out across the room whom we didn’t know, we’d probably say something like, “Look over there at the person standing in the corner wearing the red shirt.

So in this dream, the red shirt signifies something the dreamer is anointed to walk in. The  dreamer has operated in this gift in the past (they knew they had worn the shirt before), but has maybe stepped away from that gift or calling momentarily. We know this because at the start of the dream, the dreamer wasn’t wearing the shirt…yet.

The dream doesn’t really say why that happened, (why they stepped away) but the great news is that God is giving the dreamer this dream so that they’ll know how to get back on track and step back into what they’re called to do. And that, we find in the opening scene of the dream: The dreamer was in a closet, sitting on the floor. 

A closet represents the meeting place with God. The “secret place” as it is often referred to in the Bible. Some great examples of this are Psalm 91:1, Matthew 6:6 and Acts 1:13. Sitting on the floor represents a posture of humility, or sitting at the feet of Jesus. Getting in His presence, and getting renewed and restrengthened and possibly even dealing with or letting God heal whatever it was that made the dreamer step away in the first place.

After that, the dreamer was able to reach for the red shirt and with great joy put it back on. Which is another great part of the dream. God is letting the dreamer know that the call has not changed. Just because they have stepped away for a moment, the “red shirt” or “the purpose for which they were created”, is still fresh, and pressed and ready to wear. In this, we hear echoed Romans 11:29:

For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable [for He does not withdraw what He has given, nor does He change His mind about those to whom He gives His grace or to whom He sends His call]. Romans 11:29 AMP

So as you can see, overall, this is a great, great dream that is meant to encourage the dreamer back on track, remind them of what they are called to do, and direct them with the action steps they need to take to do so. How crazy, right? That a dream so simple could have such deep significant meaning!

Friends, God wants us to fulfill the purpose for which we were created. He wants to speak to us and just like in this dream, give us encouragement, hope, and direction so that we can keep moving forward in what we are called to do. And the dreams He gives us at night are just one of the ways He does that!

In my next post, I’ll share a dream in which the color red was was used to give the dreamer a warning. Stay tuned for that, and be sure to watch out for my upcoming eStudy: The Language of Dreams. This will be a 12-week study in which I teach about how to interpret dreams. We’ll go into more depth as to what some of the different colors, numbers and symbols in dreams mean. As well as why God chooses to communicate to us through our dreams and visions of the night. I can’t wait to share that with you.

Until then, keep dreaming, because God is speaking,

-Linda G. Riddle


28 thoughts on “The Color Red in Dreams

  1. Karen Coughlin says:

    Dear Linda,
    Even though you are no longer in Jacksonville, I feel your presence through your posts.

    I am SO EXCITED about your upcoming 12 week eStudy “The Language Of Dreams”. It has been a topic that has intrigued me for years. I am going to present it to my small group Bible Study and look forward to joining you in your 12 week eStudy.

    Thank you for your honest. insightful, informative, and uplifting blog. God has blessed you with an incredible gift of writing and communication. So very grateful to still be in touch with you.

    Please keep writing and posting. Just an encourging word!


    Karen B. Coughlin
    Jacksonville, FL


  2. Michelle Cicero says:

    I had a dream just last night that we inherited my husbands family farm. We got to the land and the red barn we opened the doors and inside it was full of old barn boards. We climbed on top to get through all of them and then found a pile of unfinished furniture. We were so excited.


    • Linda G Riddle says:

      Oh my heavens, Michelle. What a GREAT dream! I do hope you see the significance in it. A generational blessing is coming; one with unfinished work. There is a call on that ancestry line that is yet to be completed and God has anointed you two to carry it on!!!


  3. Vayral says:

    I had a dream that all
    People was wearing red and i am talking to my ex bestfriend and bond like we are before then the guy kissed me wearing a white shirt too. I was wondering if that means something


  4. Sunee says:

    Last night I had A dream That My Ex Pastor and his wife both were wearing red cloth with white in they were walking past me. Can you please Interpret this dream for me tanx.


  5. Servina Lee says:

    Last night I dream a female friend come out from her room. The is a bright red light with slight fire came from her room. Some fire ashes on her back body that start to burn. She is not aware and continue her routine work. My feeling is I feel weird seeing such light come from the room. I can sense some danger. Was it message for me or her?


    • Linda G Riddle says:

      Hi Servina, Thanks for sharing this. In picking up on your sense of danger, I would say this is most likely what is referred to as an intercession dream. In other words, a dream inviting you to pray for your friend. There may be some anger being directed at her (from someone else, not you) and God’s just giving you this dream so that you’ll cover her in prayer.


  6. Saliha says:

    I dreamed that I was wearing a red blouse and lying on the sofa
    With sone one (man I don’t know)drinking a cold red limonade I had a very peaceful feeling
    My children where there and some other older lady


    • Linda G Riddle says:

      Hi Saliha, thanks for writing in. In it’s most simplest interpretation, I believe God is inviting you to rest in His presence. He will take whatever was intended to be bitter in your life and use it to reach other people and bring refreshing.


  7. Avis says:

    Hi Linda. I am in ministry. I dreamed that i was with other workers of the ministry but I was the only one flying along with some beings looking as though they were angels or saints, then I reached to this place and was wearing my red shirt and black skirt uniform then i saw myself standing on a mountain top.
    Can you tell what this dream meant?.


    • Linda G Riddle says:

      Hi Avis! That’s a great dream. Dreams of flying are very common and they typically indicate an ability to operate in the things of the Spirit. Wearing a red shirt indicates there’s an anointing on your life for this. Continue pursuing the revelatory things of the Lord and growing in intimacy with Him.


  8. B says:

    Hi, Linda: I had a vision that my bff, who’d passed in 2015, appeared wearing a red and black checked shirt to say he had been visiting with Steve for awhile, and is now back. Coincidentally, my sister’s best friend and I were chatting at a party the next day, and she told me her twin brother who had passed prior to my bff had appeared wearing the same kind of shirt. We both got chills. What is the significance of the colors red and black of the same kind of shirt?
    Thank you, with kind regards.


  9. Yesenia says:

    Hi! This is the first time I visit your site, i’m very happy I found you!
    I had a dream last night that just stayed with me. Last year, I lost my brother. I have dreamt him every now and then but in none of my dreams does he directly sit in front of me to talk. Well, this time he did. We were having a conversation like we normally would, he was facing me and was wearing a red shirt – in all of my life, I don’t remember him wearing that color often. During our conversation, I told him “…I really miss you brother…” and he replied “And I know that, that’s why I gave you your things back…”, my brother loved to joke around, especially when it came to conversations that could get emotional lol, so when I replied to him in my dream I said “but why would you give me my things back?” and with a semi-joking tone he said “so you can sell em’…” lol….in my dream, he did hug me very tightly, I remember I was cracking up about it in my dream but I noticed there was people in another room, almost as if they were in a party. I just felt like my brother’s hug was done so the others would notice it or to catch their attention but then I woke up. I woke up, and I could still “feel” where his hands where on my shoulders, it just felt so real. I’m not sure why, but I just felt like there was a reason behind it. Do you possibly know what interpretation it may have? I’m sorry for such a long comment on here. Thank you so much for your time in reading this, if you get the chance. I’ll be checking out your page more often! glad I found it! 🙂


    • Linda G Riddle says:

      Hi Yesenia, thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing this dream with me. I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your brother. I can certainly understand why this dream would have been so impactful considering. The two phrases that stand out the most are “I gave you your things back…so that you could sell them.” I believe that overall, if I were to “zoom out” and look at the dream big-picture, it’s meant to reveal that there are some generational promises you’re meant to walk in that are still “held up” for you. These promises will be profitable and God really wants you to know what they are and draw on them so that they’ll be actualized. I believe that the purpose for your brother appearing in the dream was a.) meant to bring you comfort and b.) because you’d be very likely to receive from Him. Him hugging you, or “laying hands on you” to receive the blessing means this has been imparted to you. Now, it would be great to continue pressing in and seeking God for revelation as to what those promises are. Blessings to you as you discover and seek God in this!


  10. Francis Tawiah says:

    Hello, my name is Francis, I had a dream that l was a player in my national football team.
    A football match was being played, l saw myself entering the dressing room to wear my jersey. i saw my name written on a jersey, with my boot. As l finished dressing up, l was told the match was over, and that my team has worn. l saw one of the popular players of my national team, who talked to me. Please, what does this mean?


  11. lucky Dube says:

    hi Linda hope you re doing great. while in the bus sleeping, I dreamt that the bus driver had written my names in red ink. what’s the meaning?


  12. Robin says:

    Hi Linda, I’m new here just came across your site trying to look up the meaning of my dream that I had. I was struggling with a scripture in the Bible. I even thought to myself and like a silent prayer to God, “if you can only give me a dream on this God.” We’ll a few nights after that I had one. It was a hard deep sleep. So I woke up pretty foggy. A man told me what this scripture actually meant. He was a dark man. Maybe Latino not sure, very short clean cut dark hair. I just remembered him being very very kind and soft spoken. The man had on a red sweater as well. I have been more focused on what he said but now I’m very curious as to why he wore red. It was like the scene around him very grayish and that’s why the red shirt he wore really really stood out. He was extremely kind when he spoke. Thankyou.


  13. Elaine says:

    So what does a red shirt represents something the dreamer is anointed to walk in actually mean? I had a dream where my brother in law who passed away visited me. He was wearing a black suit with a white shirt and a bolero type tie. He was speaking to me but not as himself, it was like he was a psychic and he was telling me things about my brother in law, but I don’t remember anything he said just that he smiled a lot at me. Over to the side of him was some clothes crumpled on the ground and on the top was a red t-shirt. I know not if there is a meaning behind the red shirt. What are your thoughts? Thank you.


  14. PinkyCantabile says:

    Hi, Linda. I am Pinky from India. I came across this post while I was searching for a meaning to interpret a weird dream which I had this morning. In my dream, I was wearing a long red dress and I was staring in the mirror. I was quite surprised and satisfied with my look and soon, I was walking around in a place which kind of looks like a market and I was filled with confidence and satisfaction. Then I happened to pass by a family that I know and their topic of conversation pique my interest as I thought that they were discussing the guy whom Iove and how to get him or do something similar. I could not understand what they were saying nor was I mad at them in the dream.


  15. Jason says:

    I dreamed of leaving with my suitcase bringing red t shirt. While i am about to leave i see someone not wearing red so someone told the perwon why not wearing red. But before that on the same day same time too same dream i was sorrounded of people with no faces and me is about to lose my face if im not mistaken of my dream.. I dont have face too.


  16. Nontokozo Lubisi says:

    Hi Linda I’m so happy that I came across your page, I had a dream about a red dress I was looking for the meaning of the Red color and I ended up on your page. in the dream I was talking to Gabriel Union, we were talking about the work of God that it need you to be a hard worker in order to fulfil your assignment and then I remember we were standing next to a closet full of clothes and I said I want to try one of your dresses and she took a red dress, but I said I don’t like bob tubes dress I preferer covered dresses ,but it was like a joke cos we were both laughing.


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