Gas Stations in Dreams

“In the first part of my dream I was driving through a desert. It was daylight, the sun was shining bright, but there were no other cars on the road. All of a sudden, the scene shifted and I was in the parking lot of a large convenience store. It was a gas station and the shop associated with it was bright, new and really big. As I walked up to the doors, even while still quite a few feet away, the huge glass sliding doors just opened for me. I knew there was no way it was the motion sensors because I was still too far away from the doors. But I got the sense that this place had been anticipating my arrival and had intentionally opened the doors to receive me. Once inside the store, I noticed how much bigger it was than I had even thought at first. Everything was bright, colorful, and it was very cool in there, Very refreshing. And there were lots of things on the shelves to pick from.”

In dreams, gas stations typically represent places where we’ll receive power and/or infilling. And much like in real life, they’re usually transitional or temporary stops along our journey. As refreshing as they can be, we’re not meant to “park” ourselves there. What we receive is for the purpose of moving forward in our journey and our calling in power and in strength.

In the above dream, God was showing the dreamer that they were either going through or would be going through a dry season. A leg of the journey they’d have to travel alone for what God was wanting to show them and do in them. But if they just kept moving forward, soon enough, they would come to a place of refreshing. Most likely, this gas station represented either a church, or a ministry, or some sort of spiritually nourishing place that was well-equipped to pour into them. This would be a place where they felt well received, and there would be plenty of provision to get their needs met.

What an excellent dream, right? Dreams like this can really serve to encourage us because we are reminded that God is fully aware of where we are. And with this revelation of what lay ahead for the dreamer, they were able to keep moving forward knowing that the dry season, though lonely, though maybe difficult, would come to an end. God was also letting them know that He had already made provision for them on the other side.

This is the nature of our God. He knows where we’re at in life. And more importantly, He knows what is yet in store for us and what we were created to do. And He will often use dreams like this one to encourage us, comfort us, and help us get to where we’re supposed to be heading. He’s a good God. He is for us, and He wants to make His goodness known in our lives. Value your dream life, friends. God is always speaking.

Linda G. Riddle

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