Garages (and Vehicles) In Dreams

Some time ago, after moving to NC, I reached a point where I was, well, frustrated. Prior to moving, we had decided that I would take at least one year to get our family situated, get our kids transitioned to year-round school, and just make sure that all was well in place as we recalibrated into our new rhythm. I had plenty to keep me busy and it was a pure joy to have that time where I could just really focus on my family and our home. Yet once everything started falling into place, I was struggling with this sense that I – me, personally – wasn’t moving forward in what I felt God had called me to do. I felt like I was actively taking steps to move forward, and I was being obedient to His promptings, but I still didn’t feel like I was gaining any traction. And then one night, I had a dream… involving my garage.

In the dream, I was standing on the edge of my driveway, looking back at my house (the one we now live in). The garage slowly began opening and parked inside was a very large black SUV. Which is funny, because I don’t drive an SUV. I’m a black Volvo wagon kinda gal. But in my dream, I knew this was my vehicle, and I had an SUV. It was parked, and the engine was running. But as I continued looking at it, it started moving forward and pulling out of the garage. Then, it started lunging forward, like it was ready to take off. The scene closed, and the dream ended. Such a simple dream, but one that brought me much needed encouragement.

So what was God saying to me through this dream and why was it so encouraging?

Vehicles in dreams typically represent the gifting / calling we operate in. Just like we operate a car, truck or SUV, a vehicle in our dream represents what God has called us to do. It can symbolize the job we work at, our family or ministry – whatever carries us so that we can accomplish our goal. Additionally, the size and type of the vehicle can give us more specifics as to what area or calling of our life the dream is pointing to.

But secondly, what are garages? They’re places where we park our vehicles. At the end of a busy day, our errands and activities stop. We let our vehicles take a pause in the garage until we need to use them again. Or, we may end up in a parking garage at say, a shopping mall. Either way, garages are places or seasons that represent a pause in our journey. So in our dream(s), if we see our vehicle parked in a garage, that may indicate that we’re not “operating” in our gifting at the moment…but more than likely, we soon will.

For me, to look back at my garage and know that my vehicle was first of all, enlarged, was encouraging. And at that particular moment in my life, to know the engine was running and the vehicle was ready to take off, showed me that things were about to start moving, and moving quickly.

How about you? Have you had any dreams lately involving vehicles or garages? God could be trying to tell you something that relates to you fulfilling your calling! Submit your dream below for interpretation, or join my interactive Facebook group, where I get to share more on dreams, riddles & the prophetic.

Until next time, keep dreaming!


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