Prophetic Word: Treasures of Old

I felt this word drop so strongly into my heart tonight. I shared it first on my FB Page, but then felt like I should post it here too…

There are things you collected in your previous season. Things you knew had value. Things you knew would help pull you in the direction God is calling you. In the direction of your destiny. But you weren’t able to (and since then haven’t been able to) give your energy to them.

They sat.

But you still kept them.

And you know what? That’s okay. Because those things were meant for an appointed time. They were placed there just so you could see that God has been placing things in your path all along to lead you to this very point. But now? Now is the time to pull them out. You probably even know exactly where they’re at. Find them. Rediscover them. Remember why you got them in the first place. What did “deep communicate unto deep” through them?

It’s time to put them to use. These are like weapons in your artillery. And this will be the year where you learn how to wield them. You knew all along they were meant for you. You knew all along they spoke to an inner part of you that would mold and chisel and refine you into who you’re meant to be. That “you” that maybe no one else understood or could see…yet.

Guess what? You were right.

You were made….for such a time….as THIS.

Open your eyes and you will see what God has already divinely orchestrated and placed in your hands for THIS TIME.