Free Book Giveaways

“When you pray, when you fast, when you give.” I’ve been scanning different areas of my life to see where I can release what is in my hands and give from what God has given me. This can take on many different forms. Giving monetarily, healing the sick, extending forgiveness, opening our table to others, donating items to our local food banks, sharing our spiritual food to build up and edify the Body of Christ… I could go on. Wherever God has “freely given to us”, we should look for ways to freely give to others.

So…I felt moved to give away five copies of my book, Harmony of the Gospels. This book (Volume 1) is a guided study through Matthew, Mark, Luke & John. It takes the events recorded in each of these gospels and places them side by side, in the order in which they occurred. The study includes a Bible reading plan, study notes, devotionals, and space to journal within each chapter.

All you have to do to participate in this drawing is sign up to receive email notifications from my website/blog. (Look for the link right on this post.) Recipients of this gift will be chosen randomly and will be contacted directly by email next Wednesday, September 2nd.

Thank you for participating, and I pray the Holy Spirit also moves on your heart to look for ways to give to others.

Please consider sharing this post. Many thanks,

Linda-Gail Riddle