Free Download: Healing Scriptures

I believe in the healing power of God. I’ve seen it. I’ve experienced it. And I know that it is God’s desire that we walk in divine health and wholeness in our body, soul, and spirit. It is my conviction that if we make allowances for anything less than divine health, we are living short of what we are meant to experience.

I’ve also observed that whenever we are facing illness, one of the things we must give great care to is our thought life. So much emphasis can be placed on medical treatments, etc. and that of course is necessary. But if we are in a weakened state, we can be incredibly vulnerable to foreboding thoughts and wild imaginations that make us focus on the worst possible outcome and that attempt to “prophesy” the worst to our future. Whatever we think permeates into all other facets of our being. So it is just as important to guard our minds and our hearts as it is to care for our physical bodies.

I’ve compiled this particular collection of verses because they help us focus on the healing power of God and on His goodness and desire for us to walk in health and wellness. But there are also several verses in this collection that deal specifically with our thought life and remind us of the safety that comes from trusting in God as our Protector, especially in those moments when we feel weak. This eBook also includes tips on how to meditate on scripture. I pray this is a blessing to you. The download is free, however if you feel led a donation to Linda Riddle Ministries is always greatly appreciated. GIVE

Healing Scriptures

By: Linda G. Riddle

In this free download, I’ve compiled a list of 21 scriptures to meditate upon, with some tips on biblical meditation. Many of these verses focus on the healing power of God, while others focus on guarding our hearts and minds.

This is a free download, however donations to Linda Riddle Ministries are always greatly appreciated. GIVE