Allergy Season’s Coming!

Now’s the time of year that I really start focusing on boosting my immune system.  Even though it’s technically still winter, soon enough the pollens will start popping and I really don’t like having to survive the season through a fog of antihistamines and decongestants.

One of the best ways I give my immune system that extra oomph is through juicing. And even though juicing has been part of my lifestyle for a few years now, there’s a key ingredient I’ve discovered makes a huge difference in combatting allergies.  Continue reading

Summer Prep Juice

Summer is 21 days away, can you believe it? I always like kicking off each season change with a little reboot. This week, I’m going to keep it simple and stick to just one juice recipe. But it’s one that makes a big difference for me. Thought I’d share the recipe for anyone else who’d like to give it a try! Here’s what you’ll need: Continue reading

Preparing to Juice Fast: Step 4

No matter how great our intentions are, the truth is, sometimes when we set out to start a fast…..we fail. Hard.

I remember a few years back, starting a fast and I was so excited, I just dove right in. But on day 3, I don’t know what came over me, but by 4pm, I’d had 2 cupcakes, a snickers bar and a cheeseburger. Ever had that happen to you? It’s okay. We’ve all done it. Don’t sweat it. Don’t beat yourself up. Just dust yourself off and get back up again. But here’s one of the things I’ve discovered. The times I have stumbled, it’s because I didn’t do this prior to starting my fast: Continue reading

Beet Grapefruit Orange Juice

This….is probably one of my most favorite juices of all time. Before my juicing days, I honestly hated beets. But once I discovered how to balance out their strong flavor with other fruits and veggies, they quickly became one of my favorites.

Beets are incredibly good for blood health and cleansing the liver. They also provide a noticeable boost in energy. Whenever I’m fasting, and I start feeling that 2:00pm slump (at which point I’d typically reach for a cup of coffee), I reach for one of these juices instead and it perks me right back up. Give it a try! Continue reading

Tropical Twist Juice

Instead of having to think about when to schedule a reboot, I’ve learned that an easy way to make it part of my lifestyle is to just reboot at the start of each season. Spring-Summer-Fall-Winter. Boom. Done. Plus, I get to enjoy the variety of flavors and produce each season brings. Here’s a great recipe I enjoy starting in the Spring and throughout the Summer.  Continue reading

Juice Recipe: Orange Peach Flax

When I first started using this recipe a couple of years ago, I made it strictly as a juice. But one day, when peaches were out of season and all I could find were frozen peaches, I switched things around a bit by juicing all the other ingredients first and then blending in the frozen peaches. What I ended up with was a delicious “slushy” kind of drink. In all honesty, when I make this now, I prefer it in slushy form. But you can make it either way. Continue reading