Submit a Dream for Interpretation

I am a firm believer that God holds the interpretations to our dreams. And He wants us to know what they mean. In fact, dreams are just one of the languages of heaven. But like any other language, we must grow in our understanding, revelation knowledge, and vocabulary in order to effectively interpret what is being said.

As I continue to develop resources to help teach the language of dream interpretation, I’ve also opened up this space on my website where you can submit one of your dreams and have it interpreted.

Please use the form below to send in your dream and allow some time for me to prayerfully read over it and get back with you. I’d also like to invite you to join my FBGroup: Dreams, Riddles & The Prophetic. I frequently host FBLive sessions, offer more interpretation tips/teachings and share updates about upcoming events, etc.

*By sharing your dream, you consent to it being used in the ongoing development of resources on the topic of Biblical dream interpretation. But if used, please know that all dreams will be kept anonymous.

Dreams submitted must be readable. If dream was documented using a dictating device or app, please edit before submitting and check for punctuations and sentence structure that would make the dream easy to follow along with. Dreams involving inappropriate content or dreams that are not readable will not be responded to.