Juicing and Fasting

Several years ago, I began learning about the practice of regularly setting aside special times of prayer and fasting. For several years now in January, I’ve gotten to participate in a corporate 21 day fast with our church, and throughout the year, I’ve continued on with the practice by hitting the reset button with a shorter fast at the start of each season in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

While I’ve done various types of fasts, probably my favorite so far has been a juice fast. So much so, that juicing has become a regular part of my lifestyle. The health benefits are unsurpassed, and I have found that juicing is the best way I can be sure I get all the nutrients and vitamins my body needs from a great variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables. (I’m honestly not that good at eating all my vegetables, but I will drink them!) Plus, when I’m quieting myself, and tuning in more intently to the Presence and voice of God, it really helps to not have to think about what kind of meal I’m going to create, I can just grab a juice and keep on going.

Based on the success I’ve experienced from juicing, I’ve been asked by several people to share some juicing tips. How does one get started? How do you sustain it? If you’re juicing for the first time, what do you need to know and consider ahead of time?  In short, I’ve been asked to share from my personal experience and a little bit of what I’ve learned along the way. I’m so happy to do so if it helps people give more of their attention and energy to prayer and fasting.

All of my posts on juicing and fasting are categorized as such. If you’d like to read those posts specifically, just click on that category, and it’ll lead you right to those posts. I’ve shared some tips, tricks and also some of my favorite recipes. However, if you have any specific questions that I’ve maybe not hit on, just send me a message. Chances are, I’ve run into whatever it is you’re facing, and if I can offer some insight, I’ll be happy to!

Now, let me be very clear, I am not a healthcare professional. I’m not a dietician. I’m just someone who has done lots and lots of research but has found an easy, sustainable way to enjoy juicing, and incorporate it into my lifestyle. If you have any health conditions or concerns, or are considering a prolonged juice fast, please be sure to contact your healthcare professional to make sure this is right for you.