Language of Dreams Course

The Language of Dreams is a Course in Biblical Dream Interpretation authored by Linda G Riddle. This class is packed with hours of material that has taken years to develop. If you’ve ever been interested in exploring more about dream interpretation, want to know what God has to say about it, and you want to learn how to actually interpret your dreams – The Language of Dreams is for you.

The course is hosted online so you can join from anywhere. There are more than 40 sessions of teaching included in The Language of Dreams. Here’s just some of what is covered:

  • We talk about the different types of dreams and what purpose they serve
  • I show you how God communicates to us through dreams and why
  • You’ll learn how to discern which dreams are from God, and which are not
  • We look at the difference between dreams and visions
  • I walk you through the dream interpretive process itself
  • You’ll learn how to know who your dreams are about (especially when other people are in them)
  • I help you determine when it’s appropriate to share your dreams with others and when it’s best to keep them to yourself
  • I introduce you to what all the colors, numbers, animals, vehicles, symbols, & metaphors mean
  • We cover how to journal and catalog your dreams
  • How to know which dreams are for now and which are for later
  • I help you start your own personal dream glossary and show you how to grow in your dream vocabulary (and so much more!)

Currently, The Language of Dreams Course is hosted completely online including live interaction with me, Linda, your course host and teacher. Some of the sessions are hosted LIVE, and there are multiple pre-recorded sessions to follow at your own pace. Within this teaching environment, there is time to ask questions, interact, and even have some of your own dreams interpreted – right in class!

Dates for the next course will be released soon. If you’re interested and would like to be notified when dates for the next class are released, please provide your information below: