Life/Spiritual Coaching

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17 NIV

$10.00 / month gives you access to monthly 1:1 meetings with Linda plus additional teachings / coaching sessions not shared on any other platform. SUBSCRIBE NOW

Going into 2022, I felt led to create some space within Linda Riddle Ministries for personal 1:1 ministry time (or, coaching, if you will). This space is meant to steward the relationships I personally feel God leading me to invest in. It’s a time where I can connect with people on a more personal level and talk about life, spiritual matters, and whatever else the Lord leads us to talk about.

There is a limited number of spots I’ve made available and as such, I prayerfully consider who the Lord is leading me to extend this invitation to. My intention with this life and spiritual coaching is three-fold: to share, to listen, and to respond. First, I want to be faithful to share whatever I feel the Lord leading me to share on an ongoing basis. Oftentimes, the Lord will speak to me in themes, or highlight certain things He’s drawing the body of Christ’s attention to. This personal coaching will allow me the opportunity to share these promptings with those in this circle.

Secondly, I want to listen – listen to you. What’s going on in your life, what questions do you have, what is God showing you or where is He leading you? What areas are you feeling like you need to talk through with someone who may be able to provide some spiritual insight and a different perspective? I want to listen. And lastly, I want to respond to that as the Lord leads me.

These ministry/coaching sessions will be hosted virtually, (via zoom). Think of it as a time when we can have coffee together once a month and talk.

The cost to join is only $10.00 per month, which will be taken as a donation to the ministry.