Light, Both Near and Far

The light that shines farthest shines brightest near home. -C. T. Studd

I heard this quote a few months ago and have held on to it ever since. I instantly got a vivid picture of it and it was as if my soul instinctively knew the value of what was being said. Almost as immediately as I’d heard the words spoken, I reached out to capture them out of mid air. I grabbed at them, hastily, with both hands wide open and like the dove that Noah pulled into the ark, I drew them into the safe chambers of my heart. Then I whispered to the Lord, “Always, let this be true of me. That my light…however far You should allow it to shine…may it always be brightest near home.” Continue reading


Faith Without Works Is Dead

I was just cleaning out my email inbox and laughed when I came across a couple of confirmation emails in there from March 24th of last year. Confirmation emails of something I’d ordered online. I said to myself, “Why on earth have I not deleted these?!” But when I opened the emails, I realized what they were for. And I suddenly remembered why I hadn’t deleted them yet. I had left these emails in my inbox intentionally, to serve as reminders that faith without works, is dead. Continue reading

The Color Blue in Dreams

In my last post, I shared about how the color blue can be used in dreams to point to the revelatory or prophetic ways of God. But blue is such a unique color to dream in, because it can take on so many different shades! Today, let’s take a look at another common shade to dream in: Pale Blue.  Continue reading

The Color Blue In Dreams

Blue is a very interesting color to dream in. It can be multilayered in it’s interpretation because it can take on so many different shades. As I’ve said before, whenever we see certain colors stand out in dreams, we have to first take a look at the dream big-picture to see what the dream is communicating. Colors then, can add extra detail, “flavor” or meaning to the interpretation of the dream. Let’s look at one of the primary uses of the color blue. Continue reading

To The Third and Fourth Generations

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve gotten so many dreams forwarded to me for interpretation. Much more than usual. Dream activity has been increasing, and as I take a step back, I see a common theme I’d like to share with you. Because in this common theme, it’s obvious to see that God is doing something corporately right now. I want you to be aware so you don’t miss out! Continue reading