Space and Storage

If you’re wanting to go on a prolonged juice fast, or even if you’d like to incorporate juicing as part of a healthy lifestyle, something you must consider is how much storage space you actually have to work with.

I try and make only one trip to the grocery store a week. Personally, that’s what I can sustain. So when I plan on juice-fasting, I already know that the volume of fruits and vegetables it takes for one week’s supply of juices is enough to fill up an entire full-size refrigerator. And I’m not even exaggerating.

Additionally, as I mentioned before, I make juices in large batches. So I also have to be able to store anywhere from 12-18 bottles of juice at a time. That’s a lot of space! Thankfully, I have a second refrigerator that is solely used for produce and juices. Otherwise, I would definitely have to modify my approach or enlist some help.

So if storage is tight for you, you’re going to have to plan accordingly. Start by purging your fridge out as much as you possibly can and consider what days you can make extra trips to the grocery store once you start your juice fast. If you happen to be juice-fasting with a friend or spouse, a great option would be to conquer and divide to help share the load.

Whatever the case may be, as it’s often said, when there’s a will, there will be a way. Just think it through and come up with a plan that’ll work for you. It’ll be worth it.

Be sure to join me for my next post: Bottling and Transporting Your Juices.

Here’s to your health!

Linda G Riddle