Day 2: Christ’s Birth is Announced

Reading Plan Text: Luke 1:26-56
Event(s): Christ’s Birth Announced to Mary; Mary Visits Elizabeth, Mary’s Song of Praise 

vs 31: and you shall call His name Jesus..” The name Jesus is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew name Joshua which means “The Lord Is Salvation.” (“Christ” is translated to mean anointed one.)

vs 37: no-thing will be impossible”  The Greek word used here for nothing is translated “no rhema word”. So to paraphrase, this could read: no freshly spoken word of God will ever be impossible. Whenever God speaks, His word contains within it the power, the grace, the provision, the means necessary to complete it.

vs 38: let it be to me according to your word” Every assignment from God awaits our willingness, acceptance and obedience. As Savior, Lord and King, He is worthy of only such a devoted, loving response.

vs 48: my souls magnifies the Lord” To magnify means to declare the greatness of. Mary didn’t just experience this in her spirit, but her soul. Her mind, will and emotions were all captivated by this encounter. Mary’s response here, known as “The Magnificat” was an inspired declaration that alludes to at least 12 passages of OT Scripture, strung together like a strand of pearls. Mary was clearly familiar with and loved the Word of God and she could see the connections in the prophecy, it’s fulfillment and the nature of who God is and what His promises were to His people.

Today’s Takeaway: If we don’t act swiftly in response to a directive we’ve received, over time, we can forget about what we were asked or prompted to do. Today, ask God to remind you if there’s any “pending requests” that you’ve not acted on. Ask for forgiveness, and if there’s still time, make it right.

Additional (optional) reading:  If you’d like to read the OT references that Mary’s song alludes to, make sure the cross references feature is turned on in your settings of your Bible App. Each time there is a reference in Mary’s song to an OT passage, the cross reference will be available in a popup box.