Day 3: John the Baptist is Born

Reading Plan Text: Luke 1:57-80
Event(s): John the Baptist is Born; Zacharias Regains His Speech and Hearing; Zacharias’ Prophecy 

vs 62: Apparently Zacharias had been deaf as well as mute. (cf vs 20)

vs 76: the prophet of the Highest” For several years the gift of prophecy had lain dormant, yet with this new era, the gift was renewed.

vs 78:the Dayspring” From the Greek word anatolē meaning dawn; a rising (of the sun and stars). The sun rises in the east and the star that would later lead the Wise Men came from the east. It was also the direction the tribe of Judah encamped around the Tabernacle. cf Numbers 2:3

vs 67-79: This song is commonly known as The Benedictus. In a similar way to Mary’s song, there are at least 16 OT scripture allusions or quotations strung together in an inspired way.

Today’s Takeaway: Today’s text emphasizes the theme of praise. Oftentimes, when we communicate with God, we approach Him only with our needs in mind. If we’re not careful, our prayers can become all about us. It’s good to intentionally create moments where we turn all of our attention towards Him, and simply praise Him – for what He does, not for the benefits that come from living a life devoted to Him. But most importantly, and quite simply for who He is. Set aside some time today to just praise Him.

Additional (optional) reading
:  If you’d like to read the OT references that Zacharias’ song alludes to, make sure the cross references feature is turned on in your settings of your Bible App. Each time there is a reference in his song to an OT passage, the cross reference will be available in a popup box.