Preparing to Juice Fast: Step 3

Juicing and fasting is all about detoxing, cleansing, and starting fresh. And it’s not just about the good things you’re going to put in your body, your heart and your mind; what’s as equally as important is what you’re going to take out. So here’s another step I’m very intentional about when preparing to fast. 

Step # 3: Get rid of the clutter.

I once read that “clutter fills our future with the past”. I believe that to be true. And at a time where we’re getting ready to hit the reset button, our surroundings can greatly contribute to or hinder our success. So this step is about making room and getting rid of some of the clutter, distractions and noise that compete for our attention so that we can be free to focus on what we really want.

This doesn’t have to turn in to a huge weekend project. Most of us don’t have time for that. So here are a few areas that should only take a few minutes to declutter, but that will make all the difference in the world.

  • Let go of or give away any excess junkie food items that are in your pantry. If you’re constantly staring at sweet chewy cookies, crispy salty crackers or chips, or colorful  little candy wrappers, guess what? Our brains will take inventory and make a mental note of where those items are “conveniently located”. And in a temporary moment of weakness, that same precious little brain of ours will call to memory exactly what is in that pantry and where it’s at and our cravings will get the best of us. It’s best just to get those items out of the way and out of sight.
  • Clean out or unfollow some of the news and/or social media accounts you follow. Some of us may choose to disconnect from social media and/or news feeds all together for a period of time. If you can do that, wonderful. We could all use a break periodically. But if you still plan on tuning in, consider maybe cutting back on how much time you spend scrolling through or maybe even switch up the accounts you’re following. Trade some of those mouthwatering food channels for ones that promote better health and nutrition. Swap out some of your news feeds with ones that offer daily scriptures, devotionals, or encouraging quotes that will help keep you strong and focused. Better yet, use your breaks to put the device down, get outside, go for a walk and get some fresh air. Success in this area is all about trading one habit for a better one.
  • Unsubscribe from promotional emails. I don’t know about you, but especially after the holidays, my email account(s) start drowning with promotional advertisements. I used to just delete the emails and move on. But here’s a truth: what we see takes up space, it’s distracting and it adds to the noise. It’s amazing how much “quieter” my morning start is when I don’t have to clear through the brush and delete…delete….delete my way through to a clear slate. (Depending on how much junk mail you receive at home, this also may be a good time to register on the national “do not mail” list.)
  • Simplify your reading list. If you’re anything like me and love to read, stacks of books, articles and magazines can start to accumulate on my end tables, bedside tables, desks, island and even in the front seat of my car (for when I’m waiting in those parent pickup lines). So whenever I’m getting ready for a fast, I take a few moments to clean those out a bit and simplify. Narrow it down to one or two books that you’d really like to focus on and file the rest for later. And lastly,
  • Simplify your objectives. Sometimes we can go into these seasons of fasting with such great anticipation and so many things we’d like to see accomplished that we cram them all into this tiny little space and end up clogging it, trying to do too much all at once. I’ve learned to pick one or two (no more than three) priorities and focus in on those. Whether these be new habits to put in place, or things I may be intently praying or seeking God about, clarity comes easier in simplicity. Not to mention, this also helps ensure I’m leaving room for God to do what He would like to do. This is not just about me and what’s on my agenda, this is about tuning in and hearing what is on His heart.

Bottom line, make room for the new. Create space and clear out those things that compete for your attention. Let your surroundings be a reflection of what’s going on inside and leave some space for what you may not even be expecting yet. It’s often in the most simplest of surroundings that the most meaningful discoveries take place.

Here’s to our health,

Linda G Riddle