01-24-2017 A Time Sensitive Word on Plagiarism

Hi friends,

I have a little bit of a time-sensitive message to share with those of us who are called to be teachers / communicators of the word of God – whether it be in written format or verbally.

This message has to do with the issue of plagiarism, so I’ll give you a heads up, this does have a little bit of a corrective edge to it. However, delivered from the heart of the Father, this is not a condemning word. I’m not here to slap anyone’s hand or call anybody out. Neither is this a reaction to anything I’ve witnessed personally or seen here recently in particular.

I just really feel like our loving Father, in His mercy and grace, is drawing our attention to excellence in this area and is asking us to examine ourselves to make sure we’re operating according to the kingdom principles of honor, truth and honesty. He wants us to succeed in our teaching gift(s) and wants to see us operating from a place of anointing.

I felt like this word would come across better as a video, so I’ve posted it on my YouTube channel. Below is the link, and I’d love it if you tuned in.

Blessings to you!