The Color Blue in Dreams

In my last post, I shared about how the color blue can be used in dreams to point to the revelatory or prophetic ways of God. But blue is such a unique color to dream in, because it can take on so many different shades! Today, let’s take a look at another common shade to dream in: Pale Blue. 

“I never get my hopes up so I’m never get let down.” -Eeyore

Whenever someone says they’re feeling “blue”, they’re implying that they are just not feeling themselves – emotionally. They’re either sad, worn out, or just down right depressed. Having a dream that feels “overcast” in nature and where we see a friend wearing a pale blue shirt, for example, might give us a clue that they could be battling some depression, that they’re sorrowful, or dealing with some anxiety. This dream is not given to us so that we can expose or embarrass them. It’s meant to make us aware so that we can be patient and lend a kind and listening ear when needed. But most importantly, it’s meant to draw us into prayer and intercession for them.

Pale blue can also refer to something aged. Think of a washed out blue that has lost it’s luster and is somewhat “antiqued”. I think of a dream in which an old box was found in an attic. It was faded blue in color because so many years had gone by, and it was covered in dust. In that dream, this box represented a revelatory gift which was being passed down from generations prior. The gift was still there, but it would need some “polishing up” to restore it.

There is also another common use of pale blue I see in dreams, and it’s more often referred to as a “baby blue”. This typically is seen in dreams which are not “drab” or “cloudy” or “overcast” in color (which would signify depression, sorrow or anxiety). Instead, much like in the photo I chose for this post, the pale, or baby blue is clear and even “happy” looking. But it’s just really light as opposed to the bright, vibrant cobalt blue I wrote about in my last post.

This shade of “baby blue” can point to something in it’s infancy stages. A baby blue car, for example, can depict a revelatory ministry or calling to which the dreamer is called to operate, but it’s just getting started. A baby blue building can refer to a business or organization that is just getting off the ground. A baby blue bicycle can signify that the dreamer is operating in the revelatory things of God, though they’re still in their “infancy stages” of operating in that gift.

These are the most common uses of pale, or “baby” blue I’ve seen in dreams. To determine which it means, we have to consider if the dream has a cloudy or “overcast” feel to it, which could point to depression, sorry or anxiety. Or, if the pale blue is more antiqued, or faded, it could refer to something which dates back prior to our generation. Think more along the lines of our ancestry. And lastly, if it’s baby blue in color, this should give us great hope that even though we may just be getting started in whatever we’ve been called to do, there’s promise of maturity and growth to come.

Remember, colors in dreams are there for a reason. Take note of them, think metaphorically and remember that above all, they’re meant to give us clues.

Until next time, keep dreaming friends,

Linda G. Riddle