2018: Your Feet Will Drip

“You crown the earth with its yearly harvest, the fruits of your goodness. Wherever You go the tracks of your chariot wheels drip with oil.” Psalm 65:11 TPT

Soon, I will be posting some of what I sense for the year 2018. However, today I felt led to share this word, which almost has the feeling of an introduction to what I will share later. I hope this blesses you, and as always, thank you for reading. Today is a day of expanding your territories, of placing your stakes in the ground and redefining your boundaries. What can be shaken has been shaken. Now it is time for you to take account of that which remains because that is what truly matters. Now is a day of spreading your arms wide open – as open as you can – opening up WIDER the cavity of your breathing capacity to make room for what is coming to you by faith.

Some of these boundaries will seem familiar – you have traveled on them before. You know how to get there! Even though they’ve not been touched for some time. They’ve lied dormant. But the marks you made in times past were made and it’s time to walk the land again.

As you go, your feet will drip with the anointing that will leave a trace. Prayer – as you walk upon this land again – is what will till the ground for the seeds and the rain that is about to fall. (Do you hear? Do you understand? Your feet do the work of the tilling; your prayers are what break the hardness of the soil beneath you.) Your humility and your faith will attract the promises. No bird will steal this seed. He will watch over it Himself.

Oil and wet dirt – pliable and of the same substance from which we were taken, are the elements of your planting right now.

Where were you taken from? What was the place of your birth? From where did He form you and fashion you? It’s all coming full circle right now. Recall now the elements that were in the soil from which He took you and breathed life into you. Those elements are a part of who you are and they are closely connected to your inheritance. His glory. Your molding. Your purging. It is connected to your anointing. The breaking you endured. It’s connected to your anointing.

Watch where you step today and let your feet drip, leaving a mark and give praise to the One who has crowned your year with goodness.

Linda G Riddle