A twisted person spreads rumors; a whispering gossip ruins good friendships.” Proverbs‬ ‭16:28‬ ‭TPT‬

Oh gossip…

I remember a time in my life when I moved away from a place only to come back about a year later to visit. I’d been invited to a dinner function, and many of the people I previously knew and worked with would be there. I was excited to see them all. However, something interesting happened that I wasn’t expecting…

Here’s the biggest thing I learned and experienced from that night:

Words are substance.

They’re not just wind. They carry presence – whether it’s dark or light. Even Jesus said, My words are Spirit (John 6:63) and His words were LIFE. But as we know, there are also words on assignment that are meant to produce death (Proverbs 18:21). Not death literally, but spiritual death. Meant to wither, meant to decay, meant to chip away at our soul.

I walked into the room that night and could literally feel the muddy, sticky presence of negativity, of gossip. And I could almost spot the sources because the words we speak have a way of changing our countenance towards people. I don’t know what specifically was said. That honestly doesn’t matter. Neither was it that those words had been spoken right in that moment when I got there – but those words “spotted me” (if I can say it that way) as I walked into the room. And those words had an assignment.

Of course, it made me sad and it was disappointing. But I instantly knew I couldn’t let those words cling to me and I knew I couldn’t let those words try and overpower me. I couldn’t let them dim my light. And so I began praying in my spirit – that God would cancel the assignment on those words. That He would neutralize their effect. And that He would touch the hearts of the ones who’d spoken them.

Because here’s the deal: no one is living their best life – to their fullest potential – when they give way to gossip. And what I know to be true is that gossip is actually a byproduct of fear. So I couldn’t hold it against them. I instead released forgiveness and mercy into that space. And prayed there would be a healthy release of safety around them so that they wouldn’t feel the need to do that anymore.

This, my friends, is how we establish Kingdom wherever we go. It’s how we cause light to dominate over darkness.

Whenever you encounter something that is contrary to the ways of the Kingdom, that is an OPPORTUNITY for you to take Kingdom principles to “dethrone” the empire of darkness that is established and operating and manifesting itself and instead, set the Kingdom of Heaven in its place. It’s like walking through life knocking over little chess pieces. Little idols that are trying to gain more ground.

GUARD YOUR HEART so that you don’t respond in offense. Because if you do, you’ve forfeited your opportunity to establish the Kingdom of Heaven. You’ve instead fortified the hold of the empire that is operating there.

Remember we do not battle against flesh and blood(Ephesians 6). Have discernment – spiritual eyes that can see beyond the surface to recognize what is operating there. And cast down each little idol, each little throne, and erect LIFE in its place.

Are you aware of gossip being spoken about / against you? The answer is NOT let it roll off your back. That’s good, but you don’t change anything by doing that. Take it further.

Bring this before the Lord – List them all out – List the places and specifically what you’ve sensed and release new words of life on assignment to release forgiveness and mercy over those areas. Topple over those idols and pray for blessing and a dismantling of fear. Ask that He would give you words that would bring healing and produce an atmosphere of peace and safety and that the Lord would be glorified.

Linda G. Riddle