My Testimony

Today I wanted to share a very special video with you.  This is a portion of my personal story and how I came into a relationship with God and got to know the Person of the Holy Spirit. You may be surprised to know that first encounter for me was not necessarily “prophetic” in nature. But it was one that brought tremendous healing and opened the door for the relationship I now get to experience with God every day of my life. Please take a moment to tune in.

3 Steps to Healing

By: Linda G. Riddle

On my website, I have shared a video testimony of how I experienced healing from a past filled with abuse, rejection and betrayal. 

Of all the things I learned and had to overcome, there were three steps that I would say were crucial in me stepping into that freedom. In this FREE eBook, I share what those three steps were. 

Whether there are areas in your life where you’d like to see breakthrough, or if you know of someone who wants to begin the healing process in their own life but doesn’t know where to start, I pray this resource brings courage and hope to take the next step.