Birds in Dreams

In previous posts, I’ve shared about what birds in dreams can represent, mainly when they appear in a negative context. But as we’ve established, every dream symbol, metaphor, color, etc. can mean either something positive or negative, depending on what the dream is communicating overall. In this post, I want to share what birds can mean when they appear to symbolize something positive.

“I had the most vivid dream I’ve had for a long time. I was in the biggest mansion I’ve ever seen in my life. Absolutely huge, white walls/ceilings with gold railings/trimmings with fine woodgrain panels. I was unpacking in my new bedroom and got out my clean laundry as I wanted to have a shower. As I walked past a massive room, I was shocked as there was a huge room filled with giant gold cages which held all types of birds. The room was mainly covered in fine wooden panels and had a very comforting/cozy feel to it. I am still amazed by the dream as it was the most beautiful dream I’ve had in many years.”  Danny – Sydney, Australia

Birds operate by use of wind, therefore, they typically point to something that has the ability to move in the Spirit. They can be used to deliver divine messages, herald announcements, share observations that would otherwise not be visible to the natural eye, and they can also be used as an unsuspected delivery vehicle of provision. Birds typically build their nests (homes) in high places, keeping them out of harms reach. Lastly, the simple presence of a bird can remind us of God’s protection and our immeasurable value to Him.

“What is the value of your soul to God? Could your worth be defined by an amount of money? God doesn’t abandon or forget even the smallest sparrow he has made. How then could he forget or abandon you?” Luke 12:6 TPT

Let’s talk about some other uses of birds throughout the Bible. A dove is used as a symbol of the Holy Spirit (John 1:32) peaceful, graceful, pure. Also, think of Noah, sending out the raven and the dove (Genesis 8) to provide a higher-level view of what he himself could not observe at that given moment. Depending on what they communicated back, he would know whether it was time to move forward or not. Consider how God used ravens, of all things, to bring food to Elijah in the midst of a famine (1 Kings 17). Matthew 6:27-27, like the passage above in Luke, reminds us to not worry, using birds as an example of God’s goodness and provision. Brewed in portland, or by the sierra madre Brewing Company-2Let’s look at the dream I shared above. If I could provide an abbreviated interpretation to it here’s what I would say: Danny was getting ready to enter a new place that would “house” the gifts God had placed within him. Being in this new place would both allow and require Danny to cleanse away any old ways of thinking, the “residue”, if you will, of his previous season. This place would provide an opportunity for him to learn, grow and prepare for the new assignment God has for him. It was a place where wisdom, excellence and prosperity were well stewarded and evidenced (much like how King Solomon’s wisdom and spirit of excellence was visible through his well thought out and executed plans throughout his kingdom and the temple). As for the gold cages with birds, I immediately sensed that they were meant to represent messengers. They were housed in gold, speaking of their tremendous value. The place he was going to was a place that would prepare people to go out and to proclaim the news of the Kingdom. There were several birds, and the cages were not meant as a picture of confinement, but a place of preparation. They would be released when it was time. That was truly a great, great dream.

Want to learn more? A quick internet search of “birds in the Bible” will bring up multiple examples where we can see how birds are used to portray both something negative or positive. Go there first. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you how to think metaphorically, pay attention to birds you see in nature and let the Holy Spirit teach you more meaning. Study different types of birds, pay close attention to their characteristics, their appearance, and what they’re known for. Depending on the type of bird you see in your dream(s), that could provide even more detail of what God may be wanting to communicate to you. For example, doves usually speak of peace. Eagles point to the prophetic. Cardinals may communicate wisdom or regal authority. Bluebirds? Revelation.

Above all, keep dreaming friends. God is always speaking, even while we sleep.

Linda G. Riddle


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