The Color Black in Dreams

In dreams, black can represent things that come from the dark realm, especially if there’s an ominous feeling attached to it. We may see someone show up in all black clothing, or driving by slowly in a black car. In these cases, it’s easy to identify that black is being used to communicate something threatening, evil or foreboding. But we can’t always jump to the conclusion that black = bad.

Think of a black tie event or a black limousine, and we immediately think of black as representing something a little more formal, classy or elegant. Or, think of the secret service, martial arts experts (black-belts), or a police swat team dressed in all black. In that case, black is used to camouflage people where it would be best for them to remain undetected (think stealth mission).

As I’ve mentioned before, we have to look at the overall context of the dream to discern what is being communicated. A color that is used to mean one thing in one dream may mean something entirely different in another. Pay attention to what you’re sensing, how the color is being used, and always – always, trust in the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

Tune in to this video for more on what black can mean in your dreams, including black and white dreams.