A River I Could Not Cross

Ezekiel 47 reminded me this morning that the waters that flow from God’s presence have varying levels of depth. They go from ankle-deep, to knee-deep, to waist-deep. But then finally, they reach a point where as Ezekiel said, the waters become like a river that cannot be crossed. “…For the water got too deep, water in which one must swim, a river that could not be crossed.” Ezekiel 47:5 NKJV

Sometimes, we can be doing things that allow us to feel and experience the presence of water on our skin. But in order to experience breakthrough or go to the next level, we must sometimes pause and ask ourselves, just how deep are we going? Are we in ankle-deep waters, where our feet still feel firmly planted on the ground? Has the water risen to our knees, or our hips, where we can reach down, cup some of it into our hands and splash our face? Or are we….swimming?

In this vision he had, Ezekiel’s guide measured the distance between the levels. He started with the first one thousand cubits (which is only about a third of a mile), and he brought Ezekiel through. Ezekiel started in ankle-deep water, but then he continued on. As his guide measured out another one thousand cubits and another, until finally, they reached river-depths. Here’s what struck me.

It’s not too far or too hard to reach the deep. But we have to be willing to move from where we are.

The waters of God’s presence are meant to rush into the valleys of our soul. They bring healing and life “wherever the rivers go” Ezekiel 47:9 extending beyond the gates and out into the seas.

Be willing to let go of whatever is keeping you in the place where you are. 

Leave those things on the shore. Launch out into the deep.

Linda G. Riddle