Regardless of what this year has felt like, this is still the year of 20/20. A time of seeing more clearly, both what is NEAR and what is FAR. Both what HAS BEEN and the ability to perceive what is YET TO BE.

I have spent some time here recently reviewing many of the prophetic words / dreams I received for this year. Both that which I felt God drop in my heart personally, as well as words from trusted prophetic voices that I grabbed on to. The words of the Lord are true and faithful. Many times, we learn how to interpret when we look at things hind-sight.

December 9, 2019, an excerpt I had written in my journal said, “Clear vision often results in or requires adjustments…Be willing to adjust.” As I reviewed that word, I sensed the Holy Spirit impress upon me that that’s where we have been. In order to know which adjustments are necessary for us to be able to see 20/20, we must first be examined. We must first come to know what we see, how we perceive it, where our focus is, what is important. How do we perceive God through all this?

I then got a picture of a phoropter, and I keep hearing the word “refraction”. That is what is taking place.

“Wheat do you see, Jeremiah?….You have observed correctly.”

The prayer of my heart this morning has been, “Lord, do a thorough work in my vision. Dilate my eyes if necessary. Complete the process fully until I see the way You want me to see, and until my eyes are focused with great intent on what is MOST important to You.”

Linda Gail