Tishri 5782 – Change Is Coming From The Middle

Many years ago, as Autumn was approaching, I was sitting on my back patio here in North Carolina enjoying one of the first cool breezes of the season. I was taking in all the beautiful golds, deep oranges, and reds, which against a backdrop of evergreen its truly a breathtaking sight.

I suddenly realized that the leaves first start changing colors at the top of the trees. They wear gold like a crown, and the leaves below slowly follow suit as the season draws nearer.

I then sensed the Holy Spirit whisper this to my heart: “Change and transition into new seasons always starts at the top.”

It’s part of being a leader. With your unique perspective, you see what others don’t see….yet. And you must be patient and bold enough to let the shift start with you. Soon enough, others will catch the vision and step into the transition with you. It was a great teaching moment between God and I. And ever since then, I look forward to this reminder each year.

However in the last couple of weeks, as the leaves have started their change, I almost assumed I knew the lesson. But the Lord prompted me to pause, look again, and listen.

Several of the trees that were highlighted to me hadn’t changed at the top, they were changing from the middle first. There was something new He wanted to show me:

“This season, I’m raising up and mobilizing many leaders from the middle.”

God is getting ready to raise up and mobilize many people who would be considered to be “in the middle”. These are the ones who are going to bravely step up to the cause at hand. They already see the transition that needs to take place, they know what needs to happen, and they’re going to be the ones who boldly cause things to go in a new direction.

I get the sense that right now, it is more crucial than ever for leaders to have open ears and open eyes, looking for strength to rise up from those that God has placed around them. Look out into your fields. You have warriors and kings that you know not of that have been prepared by God’s hand for such a time as this.

Don’t judge according to outward appearance or even according to gifting. Remember, God doesn’t see things the way we see them. He looks at the heart.

This group is going to run at a pace that hasn’t been seen before. They’re graced for it. Don’t put old armor on them, don’t expect them to fill old wine skins, and don’t be surprised if they break tradition. Release, empower, and resource the right people to do what God has placed in their heart.

This is one of the first things I’m sensing as we approach Rosh Hashanah this year. I’ll continue to release more. Thanks for reading and please do share if you feel led.

Linda G Riddle