Tishri 5782 – A Sunset Is Before Us

A few weeks back, I was shown a picture of a sunset. I couldn’t make out the landscape to see where I was exactly, but that wasn’t the point. The sky looked like it was alive. The colors were brilliant and absolutely gorgeous. Hues of deep orange, rich magentas, fiery amber, and bold purples painted a canvas unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

As I was captivated by the image and energy dancing before me, I suddenly gasped. Because regardless of how beautiful this sky was, I knew that a sunset carried a double meaning, “Something’s coming to an end.” My mind wanted to grieve, but my spirit wouldn’t let me. Yes, a chapter is getting ready to close. But, the way God wants us to transition into the new is with joy and celebration of what this last season has been. Not dwelling on the difficulties, but making note and establishing altars wherever the Lord has caused His name to be known.

“…Build my altar wherever I cause my name to be remembered, and I will come to you and bless you.” Exodus 20:24b NLT

The page will soon turn, the sun will rise again as a testament of His faithfulness. But before it does, He’s going to captivate us with a beautiful sunset. A pause. A Celebration. A Selah. A Sabbath.

It then occurred to me, the year we’ve just crossed over into, year 5782 on the Jewish calendar, actually happens to be what is considered a “sabbath year”. Cycles of time are central to the ways of God. When we tune our hearts to them, we hear more clearly the song He is singing over us.

This year especially, I sense that He is going to be drawing more and more people to learn of His “appointed times”. Through this, He’s picking up the tuning fork and tuning our hearts to the rhythm of eternity. Lean in with great hunger, and child-like faith. Listen, and when you hear it, it will cause your heart to smile.

Linda G. Riddle

p.s. The image I used on this post is not the image I was given of the sunset. It’s the closest I could find, and yet, it still doesn’t come close.