The Season of Giving

Give and it shall be given to you...”

Luke 6:38a

Today, I share a $15.00 reminder of this principle in action.

Steve was recently helping me clean up after Thanksgiving dinner. He lifted out the ceramic slow cooker dish to find $15.00 tucked in the bottom, between where the metal casing and the ceramic dish sit. Thankfully, it survived my 6-hour turkey roast (which came out superb, by the way).

As much as I tried to remember, I have no idea how or when that $15.00 could have ended up there. This crock pot is the one that has locks on the lid, so I typically choose this one when transporting a meal somewhere. And since crock pot meals are usually reserved for chilly fall or winter dishes, it’s been a while since I’ve used it. I can only imagine that the last time I did, someone chose to give back in response to whatever we gave.

As I held this $15.00, I was reminded that God takes note of every act of generosity. Whether it’s a meal, a cool cup of water, a steamy cup of hot chocolate (with whip cream and marshmallows on top), or any other act of service or compassion, He notices. And not that our motive for doing those things should be to get anything in return, but I’ve learned that He always has a way of doing something that taps me on the shoulder to let me know He saw, and it touched His heart and made Him smile. Even if it’s months later.

Give, and it will come back to you. Hand it out in slices, and watch it come back in loaves. Sometimes, we will reap in a completely different season than when we sowed. Sometimes, what comes back to our lives will be in a completely different form than what we gave. But giving – in all its variable shapes, forms, and expressions – always has a way of coming back and adding more to the giver than what left through an open heart and an open hand.