Ex-Boyfriends in Dreams

Ever have an ex-boyfriend or an ex-girlfriend show up in your dream? These dreams can be confusing, especially if you’ve long since moved-on and have a well-established life now. But if we can understand what that person was meant to represent, we can start to unlock the meaning of the dream.

Typically, an ex is a symbol of either that season in our life, or what that person brought or caused in our life. They can be used to symbolize something something that we were at one point close to, or that was dear to our lives.

For example, was the person someone who was adventurous, or fun? Were they more reserved or distant? Was it perhaps a season of innocence, adolescence, or carelessness? How did that ex impact our life? Was there a particular pain or loss associated with the relationship? Try to replace the person in the dream with whatever you think it is they symbolize and the dream may start to make a bit more sense. I recently spoke with a different friend about a dream involving an ex, and to them, that person represented “settling”. That opened up the meaning of the dream almost immediately.

Check out this dream interpretation for a great example of how an ex-boyfriend was a picture of first love for this dreamer.