Coins in Dreams

Coins are pretty straightforward in their meaning in dreams. They are a method of payment, the means and ability to pay for something, whether it’s access or something the dreamer needed/wanted or will need in the future. The key to understanding their meaning lies in paying close attention how the coins are used or showed up in the dream.

Did the dreamer have to work for them or were they given? Was someone trying to take the coins? Was there an abundance or few? Of course, if the dream involved greed or generosity, hiding the coins or losing them, that would all provide more specific meaning. If the dreamer had to use the coins as a method of payment, the dream could indicate that there will be a cost to pay for accomplishing / doing whatever lies ahead. If the dreamer had the coins and didn’t have to do anything to get them, that usually speaks of tremendous favor. And of course, we must not forget that dreams can also point to redemption; someone else paying the price for something we could never pay.

There’s also one other interpretation I’ve seen when it comes to coins, and that’s when they represent change. Word plays are often used in dreams and this is another reason we must always trust on the leading of the Holy Spirit to give the interpretation.