Death in Dreams

Nine times out of ten, dreams of someone dying point to something coming to an end in that person’s life. These dreams typically don’t mean literal actual death itself. So now that you’ve breathed a huge sigh of relief and the color has returned to your face (can we just thank God once again that dreams are highly metaphorical?) let’s elaborate a little more.

Depending on the rest of the story in the dream, that will provide more meaning as to what, exactly, may be coming to an end. I can say that with most of the dreams I’ve interpreted involving death, it’s been related to a relationship, a job, or a season that carried a good degree of significance to the person (the one dying in the dream). I’ve also seen a good handful of dreams where death represents a dying to self, or a letting go of old patterns and old ways of thinking/operating which have held the person back. That can actually lead to a new season of life and trust in God, which these dreams incredible, not scary.

Look at what the dream is communicating overall and ask the Holy Spirit to give you understanding of what may be coming to an end in that person’s life, or in your life if you dreamt that you’re actually the one dying. And remember, if God gives revelation of something coming to and end, it’s because He has resurrection of the new in mind. So your dream could actually be a very, very good dream!