Deserts in Dreams

This is for when we dream of traveling through those hot, dry, desert places. These dreams are meant to show us that we are either going through or will soon be approaching a point in our journey that will be difficult, trying, and will even feel spiritually dry. Like Jesus, driven into the wilderness by the Spirit, deserts indicate times of testing. They are not for punishment, they are for the purpose of preparing us for promotion – if – we can successfully endure them.

A few things about desert seasons: We usually have to travel through them alone. And in dreams, the dreamer is typically on this journey by themselves because no one else can take these tests for us. We may sense the hand of God lifted. We may feel like His Presence is not as near as usual. Yet, He is there and has promised to never leave us or forsake us.

Secondly, remember that tests are given after we have been taught and trained on the material. When we start to sense things go quiet, we can trust and draw from what God has already said. We have everything we need to make it through and overcome.

Lastly, I’ve learned that whenever God gives us these dreams, He usually includes a picture of what is to follow the desert season. How good is He that He wouldn’t leave us without hope. The season won’t last forever, there is good to come from it, and there is always a great reward when we come through on the other side.