Dogs in Dreams

In dreams, dogs typically show up as a symbol representing a close friend, whether it’s someone you currently know or may meet in the future. If you think about it, in our western culture, dogs are commonly known as “man’s best friend”. They’re our buddies, our travel companions, and in some cases we can get so close to them they nearly feel like a member of the family.

Depending on what type of dog it is you see, that could highlight some of the qualities this friend embodies. There are dogs who are more playful, loyal, protective, silly, smart, disciplined, loud, quiet, reserved, outgoing. For example, a German Shepherd is typically known as a guard dog or even a police dog. This could represent a friend who’s very protective or extremely disciplined. (German Shepherds could also be used as a play on words. “Shepherd” as being someone who has a pastor’s heart.) A Labrador is just down right fun and friendly. They love to play. This could represent a fun friend who makes us laugh and helps us unwind when we need a break. We all need friends who remind us to not take everything so seriously. A Golden Retriever is incredibly loyal and great around small children. A Basset Hound has huge ears, probably indicating a friend who’s a great listener or one that is able to hear the voice of God quite clearly. Plus, they’re able to “sniff things out”. Meaning, they have great discernment.

However, let’s say you have an aversion to dogs in your waking life. Or, let’s say in the dream the dog(s) turns on you. Well, then this could represent something entirely different and maybe even serve as a warning of a friendship about to take a sudden turn. As I always say, context is everything when it comes to understanding our dreams. And God knows how to speak to us in a language that we will understand.

Depending on what your relationship is to dogs or how you view them, that may have bearing on why a dog was used in your dream or what it’s meant to represent. A great friend, or someone you’re maybe afraid of. A trusted confidant, or someone you don’t immediately trust. A fun companion, or someone who reminds you of a past hurt? These are just some examples to get you thinking about different types of dogs and why and how they may show up in your dreams.