Garages in Dreams

Much like hotels, garages represent times of pause, rest, and refreshing. Whereas hotels tend to speak more of personal renewal, garages speak more about us taking a break as it relates to our gift/calling/ministry/job, because garages are not where we personally rest, they are where we park our vehicles until we are ready to use them again.

Do a quick search on my site, and you can read more about vehicles and what they represent, but in short, vehicles carry us to and from whatever we are actively participating in or accomplishing.

After a long day of activities and running back and forth, we come home, park our car in the garage, and leave it there until it’s time to use it again. So in our dreams, garages could represent similar brief pauses in our journey.

However, depending on how long we leave the car there could indicate if we are pausing in a healthy way, or if we are slipping into a season of idleness and maybe not stewarding what we are called to do.