Hotels in Dreams

In dreams, hotels point to places or short-term seasons of rest and relaxation. They usually show up during times of transition, but not always.

Hotels have a way of taking us out of our norm, as we don’t have everything we’re accustomed to having right at our fingertips. That can definitely be a good thing, though it can also require some adjusting.

Depending on the appearance/overall feel of the hotel, that could give us more detail as to the duration or type of experience we can anticipate. If we recall the hotel was a low-level hotel, that probably means we will be there for a shorter period of time. If it’s a high-rise? We may stay around a little longer.

On the flip side, if it’s a less-than-appealing type of place we see in our dream, for example the hotel is dirty, trashy, or in an unsafe area, that may point to a challenging but temporary season that we will have to pass through. But either way, hotels are always temporary.