Intersections in Dreams

When we see intersections or crossroads in dreams, we notice them but often don’t pay too much attention to them. But they’re very important because intersections are places of decision. They are points in our journey where we are going to have to slow down, yield to others, consider which direction we’re going to go, and use caution before proceeding. Yes, this typically means there will also be a period of waiting involved. The question we must always answer is, in which direction will I (or the person we see at the intersection) choose to go?

Here’s what we must remember, God speaks to us in our dreams because He wants to help us succeed. Just the sheer fact that He’s highlighting an upcoming intersection should give us great comfort because He’s letting us know what to watch for. If we pay attention, we can look for “signs” that may help us know we’re approaching this crossroads. I’ve noticed that whenever there’s intersections in dreams there’s usually some street signs highlighted in the dream as well: stop ahead, yield ahead, sharp turn ahead, etc.

Just like when we’re driving a car in our waking hours, it’s good to pause and not rush through these intersection moments. This is probably why God gives us a heads up. It’s also good to surround ourselves with people who can give us wise counsel, who may bring a different perspective, and may even speak to areas where we have blind spots.