Kitchens in Dreams

Remember, dreams are highly metaphorical and tend to use images or symbols that we know and can relate to in the natural to represent something in the spiritual. In dreams, just like in our normal, everyday, waking life, different rooms are used for different purposes. A living room is for gathering/socializing. A bedroom speaks of rest and intimacy. And kitchens are the place spiritual food is prepared.

Whenever you see a kitchen appear in your dream, it is usually pointing to a place where either you are receiving spiritual nourishment, or feeding from, or it could also indicate a place where you are the one preparing something to feed others. Consider the overall context of the dream, and pay attention to your level of participation or interaction in the dream. God could be showing you something about the place you are receiving your spiritual nourishment from, or He could be showing you that you something about your involvement or participation in serving others.