The Color Green in Dreams

In a previous post, I spoke about the positive side of the color green. In this post, I want to share a little bit about when green shows up in dreams in a way that’s negative. Again, the context of a dream is everything. Because the same color that can mean health, vitality, growth, and prosperity can also mean something entirely different in a dream that is meant to warn or give us a heads up.

Consider the idiom, “Little Billy was green with envy when he saw his friend with a new toy car” and you pretty much have a picture of what green could mean on the negative side: envy, jealousy, greed, and pride.

Say for example you dream of an interaction with someone you know, but suddenly, a shift takes place in the relationship. All of a sudden, there’s an awkwardness or a sudden coldness there from the other person and in the dream, you happen to notice they’re wearing a green sweater.

This dream could reveal that a root of envy or jealousy is going to try and spring up between you and this person. God’s giving you this revelation so that you can A.) be aware B.) so that you can be sensitive to that in your future interactions with this person and C.) so that you can pray that the enemy doesn’t succeed in creating a wedge between you.

Use of color in dreams can make a huge difference when interpreting the dream. Study the Bible to see how God uses color, observe nature to gain clues of what colors could represent. And train yourself to see color from different perspectives. If the color represents one thing that can seem negative, what could it mean in a positive sense and vice-versa. There’s always two sides of the coin with almost any dream metaphor or symbol you can think of.