The Color Green in Dreams

Colors are very significant in dreams as they can provide additional clues or meaning to the overall interpretation of the dream. As I’ve mentioned before, depending on the context, colors can have either a positive or negative connotation. We can’t assume “this” color will always mean “that”.

So first, let’s talk in the positive sense, and you can check out other posts on my site for more on what green can mean when it shows up to represent something more negative.

Think of the healthiest plant or the lushest evergreen tree you can imagine and you can immediately start to get a great picture of what green means: growth, vitality, health, fruitfulness, and/or prosperity. Green speaks to being well-watered, well-nurtured, and well-fed.

So, let’s say you dreamt of walking along, when all of a sudden, you come up to a building and notice a green door before you. That could mean soon, you’ll be presented with an opportunity (door) coming your way, and it’s one that is going to be fruitful!

Or let’s say you see yourself in your dream and you’re dressed in a vibrant green shirt. What could that mean? You’re in a great place. When we’re walking in step with God, with a tender conscience, and yielding to His direction, only the best can come from that. It leads to a healthy, vibrant life.

Or let’s say in your dream, you’re walking through a lush green field. That speaks to the journey you’re on and indicates you’re on a safe, prosperous one. No, I don’t just mean prosperity as it relates to money (though it could mean that), but prosperity in health, wisdom, understanding, and the more important riches of life.

Green is a great color to dream in.