The Color Red in Dreams

Of all the colors we can dream in, red has a way of truly capturing our attention. It is a bold color and depending on its use in the dream, that can provide more details on the interpretation of its use. There are times when red can represent fear, danger, anger, hostility. And then there are times when it represents a gift or presence of supernatural wisdom, anointing, power. It’s a color of authority.

When it’s used to represent rage or conflict, it’s usually easy for the dreamer to tell. But I’ve noticed that more often, people seek interpretation of their dreams when red appears as an attention-getter. There’s not necessarily a sense of fear, danger, or evil, but instead someone appears in their dream wearing red and it’s almost as though everything else in the dream grows dim. This is meant to say, “pay attention”, this encounter is going to be an important one.

The one thing I typically try and focus on in these types of dreams is whether or not the dream was brilliant in color, or whether it was more dull or muted. That can give more direction as to the source of where the red is coming from.