Vehicles in Dreams

Vehicles in dreams typically represent the gifting / calling we operate in. Just like we operate a car, truck or SUV, a vehicle in our dream represents what God has called us to do. It can symbolize the job we work at, our family or ministry – whatever carries us so that we can accomplish our goal.

Nearly every dreamer will find themselves in all different types of vehicles, depending on the dream. That’s because the type of vehicle you are in can provide more clues as to what area of life that specific dream is speaking to. It can also give you more details as to what you are equipped to operate in. For example, if you are driving a Jeep, that means you’re capable of crossing different spiritual “terrain”. Driving a convertible speaks of an open heaven over you, and moving along with unencumbered vision. If you’re driving a bus, that most likely speaks to a leadership gift, seeing as you’re able to take larger groups of people where they need to go.

The color, size, and type of vehicle can all play a key role in the interpretation. Pay attention to those little clues and you’ll get a better idea of what God may be trying to say to you.