Wearing a Coat in Dreams

First, let me say that clothing in general in dreams – what we see ourselves wearing – speaks a lot to what we’re walking in. The gifts that we’re walking in, the call we are walking in, something we’re anointed to walk in, or what we are becoming easily identified by. In other words, just by looking at us, someone can see what’s “on us” and what we’re operating in.

For example, consider a doctor or a nurse. They are easily visible and identifiable by their “coat”. The same applies here, and the color, fabric, or style of the coat we are wearing can tell us a bit more about what we’re operating in or are being called to operate in.

Coats show up quite a bit in dreams. Usually they represent a cloaking – like something bestowed or laid upon us. This is why when interpreting dreams involving coats, I regularly use the term anointing. Or, we could also use the term “mantle”, (to borrow terms related to Elijah and his successor Elisha.)

Very often, when I see coats pop up in dreams, I see them being handed by one person to another, or the dreamer being left with the coat of another person. When that’s the case, it’s meant to communicate that the dreamer is or will be walking in an anointing/calling similar to that of the person to which the coat belonged.

Coats are articles of clothing, but they’re heavier than say, a regular shirt, blouse or even sweater. So they represent a “weightier” essence of whatever it is the dreamer is walking in or being commissioned/called to walk in. These are always fun dreams.