How Many Juices Per Day?

When doing an all-juice fast, I’ve learned that in order to keep my metabolism going, and my energy steady, I personally need about 6 – 16oz juices a day. 

I love starting out my day with a Green Juice. I drink my first one at about 8am and then I have a juice every 2.5 – 3 hours after that. And here’s the key: I drink the juice whether I feel like drinking it or not. Here’s why:

I’ve noticed that when I’m juicing my body can start playing tricks on me and sometimes I really won’t feel hungry at all. In the past, when this happens, I’ve skipped my juice and then paid the consequences later – either with a major energy crash, with a serious case of the grumpies, or with a hunger that I can’t seem to satisfy even if I double up and drink 2 juices. It just throws everything off.

Each juice can run anywhere from 200-350 calories and even if I’m fasting, I don’t want to let my daily caloric intake drop below 1200.  A juice (if it’s made well) is really is as satisfying as a meal, and if I drink my juices at these normal intervals, I have found that I can make it through a whole day without hitting the pillow at night and feeling like I’m starving. Now of course, I’m still experiencing the denial of food, and cravings that I have to overcome, but if I drink my 6 juices a day, I feel satisfied, more energized and healthy.

Bottom line, the goal for me in a juice fast is to not tear myself down completely. My goal is to end up at the end of the fast way better and healthier and more spiritually strong than I was when I started.

Be sure to join me for my next post, “How About Coffee?” Is it okay to still have coffee while juice fasting?

Here’s to your health,

Linda G. Riddle

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