Linda Riddle PicHi, I’m Linda and I’m so glad you stopped by. My site is the place I get to write about the things I’m most passionate about. Typically, this includes whatever God may be speaking to me at the moment, to things I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) but that have made all the difference in moving me forward in life.

I love helping people overcome some of the same obstacles and challenges I’ve had to face. We’ve been given the keys to find freedom for ourselves and to in turn set others free as well. I live to see the kingdom of God realized – on earth, as it is in heaven. First and foremost permeating every area of my life, and then progressing to where it overflows to the world around me.

I currently live in Wake Forest, North Carolina (right outside of Raleigh) with my husband and two kids. We just made this move in the summer of 2016, so I’ve been taking some time to get the family settled, find a new rhythm and make sure everyone has what they need. Prior to moving here, I served on staff for 10 years at Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida under the leadership of Pastors Stovall and Kerri Weems.

We moved to Jacksonville, Fl from San Antonio, Texas in 2002. There, my husband and I attended Cornerstone Church under the leadership of Pastors John and Diana Hagee. While I had grown up going to church and attended private, Christian schools my whole life, it was at Cornerstone that I gave my life to Christ. This journey of becoming a devoted follower of Jesus began when I was 27 years old. 

I enjoy writing because it is a vehicle by which I get to share what God has done and is doing in my life. But I’ve also enjoyed the privilege of helping several other people make their writing projects and goals a reality. Those have been very meaningful relationships and projects I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of.

Prior to ministry, I worked in the mortgage banking industry for several years at some of the nation’s largest financial institutions. Having the privilege of serving in ministry has been very fulfilling, but to this day, I can say that those years in banking were also some of the best years of my life. I value them just as equally, and can see God’s eternal fingerprint on them just as it is on what I get to do now.

As for fun and hobbies, I enjoy a quiet, peaceful life. North Carolina has a ton of parks and trails to offer, which I’m thoroughly enjoying – sometimes alone, sometimes with the family. My best days and/or weekends are when I drive into the mountains and just take it all in. It energizes me unlike anything else. I also read a ton. I write a ton. And I’m slowly picking back up the art of calligraphy. I tried coloring, once too. That didn’t go very well. But maybe one day. Maybe.

Just for fun, here’s a few more little things you might not know about me:

  • I’m originally from San Antonio, Texas (born and raised).
  • I’m half-Mexican and fluent in Spanish. Can read, write and speak it!
  • The high school I graduated from was so small, I was the only graduating senior. (They still held a ceremony though. Wasn’t that sweet?)
  • My husband Steven and I met at a grocery store and have been married for 23 years. Seriously, I could take their advertising campaign to a whole ‘nother  level if they would just call me. I mean, the slogan possibilities are endless!
  • We got engaged at a Michael Bolton concert at Sea World. (Oh the early 90’s.) And this unknown but beautiful little French-Canadian lady by the name of Celine Dion, opened for Michael.  Just let that sink in. Celine Dion…opened for…Michael Bolton. Don’t despise small beginnings, right?
  • My maiden name is Friddle, and I married a Riddle. Yip. You read that correctly, and you’re welcome.
  • We have two wonderful children. Luke (11) and Skylar (9) whom we often call Sky. The plan was that #3 would be Walker. (Please tell me you got that on your own.) But if not…here you go: Luke-Sky-Walker. Get it? I’m not even kidding. But after two kids, we decided we were good, and so we’re in the market for a family dog, whom we will affectionately name, Walker. Someday, hopefully soon, the Riddle family triad shall finally be complete.