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Linda was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Having grown up as an only child to parents who were both totally blind, she learned responsibility at a young age and developed a tender heart and capacity for helping people who face uncommon difficulties.

She grew up in church and attended Christian schools her entire life, but it wasn’t until age 27 that she completely surrendered to Christ and came into a personal relationship with God. Soon after, Linda began to understand and have a greater desire for the revelatory / prophetic ways of God. She began studying the Spiritual gifts, Spiritual disciplines, all things prophetic, (including Biblical dream interpretation), as well as healings, miracles, signs and wonders. Slowly, she cultivated her own ability to hear the voice of God, recognize His presence, and learned how to operate in the revelatory ways of the Holy Spirit.

As a writer, Bible teacher and ministry leader, Linda has spent the past 14 years serving the Body of Christ. She and her husband, Steve moved to Jacksonville, Fl in 2002 where Linda was ordained at  Celebration Church. She served on staff there for 11 years in several key leadership and ministry roles.

Linda carries a powerful ability to minister healing through her life message and through operating in the prophetic /spiritual gifts. In addition to the unusual challenges she faced growing up, her story is one filled with unprecedented forgiveness, freedom from a past riddled with abuse and pain, and experiencing restoration through Jesus Christ. A great deal of her ministry focuses on creating a safe, welcoming environment where people from all walks of life can experience healing, encounter the life-transforming presence of God, and learn how to operate in the prophetic / revelatory ways of the Holy Spirit.

In 2016, God called her and her family to relocate to Raleigh N.C. where she now enjoys frequent weekend trips to the mountains. Linda and her husband Steve celebrate 29 year of marriage and the legacy they are passing down to their two wonderful children, Luke (17) and Skylar (15).


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