The Cost Of Pioneering

By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to the place which he would receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going.” Hebrews 11:8 NKJV

Abraham. Pioneer and forefather of our faith. I’ve been studying his life and journey more closely and I’ve been learning so many new things. Reading over passages I’d read before, but seeing them through a different light and having my eyes opened to new truths. Continue reading

Wilderness Seasons

Hi friends,

It’s been a while since I’ve written, but I’m so glad to be back! Last week I hit day 40 of a journey I felt the Lord invite me on a few weeks ago. It was a time of disconnecting, and a time where I simply followed Him. Into the quiet…and ultimately, into a place of what felt like total silence. Continue reading

Preparing to Juice Fast: Step 4

No matter how great our intentions are, the truth is, sometimes when we set out to start a fast…..we fail. Hard.

I remember a few years back, starting a fast and I was so excited, I just dove right in. But on day 3, I don’t know what came over me, but by 4pm, I’d had 2 cupcakes, a snickers bar and a cheeseburger. Ever had that happen to you? It’s okay. We’ve all done it. Don’t sweat it. Don’t beat yourself up. Just dust yourself off and get back up again. But here’s one of the things I’ve discovered. The times I have stumbled, it’s because I didn’t do this prior to starting my fast: Continue reading

Beet Grapefruit Orange Juice

This….is probably one of my most favorite juices of all time. Before my juicing days, I honestly hated beets. But once I discovered how to balance out their strong flavor with other fruits and veggies, they quickly became one of my favorites.

Beets are incredibly good for blood health and cleansing the liver. They also provide a noticeable boost in energy. Whenever I’m fasting, and I start feeling that 2:00pm slump (at which point I’d typically reach for a cup of coffee), I reach for one of these juices instead and it perks me right back up. Give it a try! Continue reading

Preparing to Juice Fast: Step 2

Could you use a post-holiday reboot to kick off your New Year? I sure could! A juice fast may be just the thing you need.

I’ve written several posts on juicing and fasting and I’ve done it enough times to where I know what to expect. However, I thought I’d share a quick series on some steps that I still go through to help me prepare my mind, my kitchen and my body. Today’s post is a continuation in this series, 5 Steps to Prepare For Your Juice Fast. Today, Step # 2: Continue reading

Preparing to Juice Fast: Step 1

Every successful juice fast starts out with great planning and preparation. I’ve learned it takes anywhere from 1-2 weeks to prepare my body, my kitchen, my schedule, and my mind before I get started.

So in this series of posts, 5 Steps to Prepare for Your Juice Fast, I’m going to share some of the more practical things I do to set myself up for success. Today, here’s step one: Continue reading

Knowing When It’s Time To Let Go

Have you ever hung on to something far longer than you should have? I certainly have. There’s a tenaciousness about my spirit that serves me well when things get rough. I’m not one to easily give up on relationships, projects, goals, or solving problems. To me, obstacles are always a challenge accepted, and I love being able to break past them. But even though this is a strength I am thankful for, overused, that tenacity can also work against me. Especially if I can’t or won’t face the fact that maybe…just maybe….it’s time to let go. Continue reading