The Floods of Life, Pt 2

There’s always been a part of me that has never liked accepting the fact that floods can come. (Again, I’m referring to spiritual floods in this series.) Especially as a faith-filled, Spirit-filled, overcoming believer. I’d rather think myself, my life, my family impervious to the waters. And if I should ever face them, I’d rather focus on praying that God part the waters like He did for Moses and the children of Israel. But here’s the truth: the storms will come and parting of the waters is not always what we are promised. Continue reading

My Testimony

Today I wanted to share a very special video with you.  This is a portion of my personal story and how I came into a relationship with God and got to know the Person of the Holy Spirit. You may be surprised to know that first encounter for me was not necessarily “prophetic” in nature. But it was one that brought tremendous healing and opened the door for the relationship I now get to experience with God every day of my life. Please take a moment to tune in.


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