My Experience with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Right now, we are in that same period of time of “waiting” as the disciples were. The 10 days between Jesus’ ascension and the day of Pentecost when “The Promise of the Father, the Holy Spirit, came and baptized the disciples.” (Acts 2)

I’ve never put into written form, my personal experience with the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Nor do I recall ever sharing publicly the specifics of it – how it happened for me, or what it was like (as best as my limited human vocabulary can describe it.) But today, I felt led to. So here goes. Continue reading


Harmony of the Gospels by Linda G. Riddle

IMG_2082“The person who follows Me in faith, believing in Me, will do the same mighty miracles that I do—even greater miracles than these…” John 14:12 

The message and ministry of the Kingdom of God are two sides of the same coin. We learn best how to operate in both by observing the life and ministry of Jesus. Not just what He taught, but also what He did.

Harmony of the Gospels is a guided study through Matthew, Mark, Luke & John. This book takes the events recorded in each of these gospels and places them side by side, in the order in which they occurred. The study includes a Bible reading plan, study notes, devotionals, and space to journal within each chapter. (Volume 1 in the Series)


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Group Bundle (10 Copies)

Harmony of the Gospels serves as a great group study. This group bundle includes 10 copies of the book at a discounted rate. (Price for bundle is 159.95 + 19.95 S & H)


Purim: A Time of Divine Reversal

Purim is 14 days from today and so last night, my family and I began a reading plan together which will take us through the book of Esther in these days leading up to Purim. I wanted to share that reading plan with you (available below as a free bookmark download) and also share some of what I feel God prompting me to around this holiday. Continue reading

Prophetic Word: Holy Fires Are About To Spark

I believe with all my heart that some great and mighty spiritual fires are about to spark. But I believe the place they are going to be lit and catch aflame will be in very small environments. At least, that’s where they’ll originate from and then they’ll spill out from there. Let me just be clear – this is not an anti-large-crowd message. It’s not an either or, it’s an inclusive both-and. But I believe that over the next 90 days specifically, we need to be intentional about positioning ourselves in small, upper-room type, intimate environments where we can cultivate the spiritual atmosphere and community that will attract this holy fire. Continue reading